Woman's shock confession: 'Mums and childfree women CANNOT be friends'

Yep, she really said that...

September 05 2018

A controversial Australian writer has declared that mums and child-free women CANNOT be friends.

Nadia Bokody, who doesn't want to have children, says every time one of her friends announces they are having kids she knows they will no longer be mates again. 

'There are two processes I go through when a girlfriend announces her pregnancy,' she told New Idea

'The first is, not unsurprisingly, joy. But the second is much more taboo. It’s grief. Grief that, as a childfree woman, I’m told I don’t have a right to feel, because it makes me ‘selfish’ and ‘a terrible friend’.

'It’s not because I’m desperate for a child of my own – far from it, I’ve been childfree by choice my entire adult life, and wouldn’t have it any other way. My heartache is because I know the friendship will soon decease,' she writes.

Nadia, who describes herself on Instagram as a 'sex-positive journalist, media commentator & mental health advocate with no concept of TMI' went to say that she has no friends anymore who have kids. 

'Unless you’re planning on joining said friend on her motherhood journey of diaper changing, breastfeed talk and analysis over which car-seat has the best Canstar rating, you, Dear Childfree Woman, will be left behind in the dust,' she added. 

But many mothers disagree with her inflammatory beliefs branding her 'selfish' and 'not a true friend'.

'Mums are people too,' said one. 'I have two kids and suggest I can talk about nothing else is a massive slap  in the face.'

'Perhaps Nadia needs new friends,' said another on Facebook. 'Sure new mums lives change but to say you can't be friends any more screams of someone desperate for headlines.'

You can read Nadia's thoughts here

What do you think of her comments?

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