Mum Warns Parents To Cautious While Wearing After Serious Accident

A very serious accident that could have been so much worse.

December 07 2016

While this is horrible, it’s not what Landis is concerned about.


“As a new mum I often wear my sweet 4-week old in my wrap carrier (we know we all love being hands free especially with a needy babe) but on this particular night a guardian angel was watching over me and my baby because for the first time in her life she fell asleep in her swing and I wasn't wearing her while I was in the kitchen.”


The burns on her chest are exactly where her sweet baby’s head would have been.


She finished by saying, “The point of my message is to pleaseeeee be cautious of the activities we do while wearing our babies!”


In a later post shared in the comments, Landis responded to the negative backlash that she expected to receive.


“I knew I was going to receive rather harsh backlash,” she said. “But knowing there are other mums and dads out there that would benefit from hearing this story meant so much more to me.”


Further, she cautioned her critics that suggested it was common sense to put the baby in the bouncer while in the kitchen.


“This was an explosion! The type of accident that would have caused harm to my child from anywhere in the kitchen, not just being worn on my chest,” she said, adding, “Quite frankly we are lucky the whole apartment didn’t go up in flames.”


“Lets remember we all make mistakes, we are all human and even those with the best intentions have moments of weakness.”