Mum-to-be charges $20 entry fee for gender reveal party


Content Editor / July 16 2019

A mum-to-be raised eyebrows recently when she threw both a gender reveal party AND a baby shower, and requested that guests pay for the privilege of attending.

In a post on Reddit, a friend of the woman’s revealed that she had initially been invited to the shower, and booked time off work and bought gifts for the mum-to-be. But then the plan changed…

“About a week before the baby shower I get a text from her saying this party would actually be a gender reveal party and they were having a separate baby shower 3 weeks later that she wanted me to come to as well,” she wrote.

“Okay... I was slightly annoyed because I knew I was going to have to request off work again and buy another gift. I told her I would try my best to be there but I couldn’t make any promises."

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“Two days before the now “gender reveal” party she texts me in a group message of people and says there’s an entry fee of $20 to the party! I was seriously blown away.”

The woman goes on to say that while she understood parties cost time and money to organise – it was the mum-to-be’s choice to have one!

“I texted her privately outside the group message and told her I didn’t have $20 extra to bring to the party, since I already got her a gift and had other bills to pay,” she added.

“She replied saying ‘Sorry girl, I can’t make just an exception for you. You promised you would be there!’”

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The woman decided not to respond, and didn’t go to the shower. Needless to say, this did not go over well with the mum-to-be.

“She texted me a few days later informing me I was disinvited to the future baby shower and how she was appalled I couldn’t even send a message to let her know I wasn’t coming after I said I would be there,” she wrote.

“Although, she knows my situation and that I live paycheck to paycheck. I have now lost a close friend.”

The thread has almost 900 comments, with most people agreeing that it was too much to expect people to pay $20 on top of having to buy gifts as well.

Others added that it was unfair to spring the entry fee on people after they had already agreed to attend.

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