Mum Shares Hilarious Photo Of Sitter's Babywearing Hack

The picture has now gone viral.

February 03 2017

Speaking to Mashable, the mum said: "I couldn't help but laugh out loud and share the photo with her dad.


"I have a baby holder and I asked J'Ann why she didn't go to my house (which is next door) to get it," the mother explained. "She said she was too hungry and it would take time to go get it the figure how to put it on, and by that time she could have made four sandwiches."


J’Ann, with the help of her aunt, has since started a Go Fund Me Page to try and get her invention off the ground.


“My niece J'Ann is so excited to design a working model. let's encourage her to use her creativity to design something wonderful that will help caregivers everywhere! she writes.

Sadly, the fundraising effort has only mustered $30 or their $10,000 goal.