Mum ruins friendship by telling her mate that her baby’s name is ‘common’

But is it?!

January 10 2019

There are few things more divisive than baby names, which is why pregnant women often keep their chosen monikers to themselves until after their baby is born.

However, one woman deeply offended a pregnant friend who divulged the name she’d chosen for her baby, only for her friend to label it ‘common.’

The mum-to-be wanted a ‘unique’ name so told her pal she’d chosen Aurora. When her friend responded saying it was actually a very common name, it did not go down well.

The woman took to Mumsnet to share her story, saying: “My friend is expecting her first baby later this year. As I'm massively interested in baby names I asked her if she had anything in mind.

“She said she wanted something unique and is planning on using Aurora.

“I said that Aurora is a gorgeous name, but has risen hugely in popularity over the last few years and is now in the top hundred.”

“My friend seemed annoyed with this and told me that it is a very uncommon name with only a few born each year, so I just changed the subject.

“Since then I've been wondering if I said the wrong thing.

“Was I unreasonable to point out how popular the name is? I wouldn't have said anything bad about the name itself, but l didn't want her to regret her choice later, because she didn't know about the sudden spike in popularity.”

The woman received hundreds of responses, with many readers reassuring her she hadn’t done anything wrong.

“I don’t think you were unreasonable, if it’s important to her that it’s unique then it’s worth her knowing it’s popular surely?” wrote one.

“I actually think more people should be honest with friends and family about baby names. Rather than smiling and nodding in agreement that "D'artagnan-Odious Alfie Oliver Smith" sounds like a great name,” added another.

A few said that she probably should have kept her opinion to herself, however.

“You’re right, it will become the next Ava in a few years, but best to keep quiet about these things,” one said.

“The name might be rising in popularity and it might not be unique but I doubt it’s super common. Unless someone is asking for point blank honest opinions than I think it’s better if you keep your mouth zipped,” added another.

What do you think? Should she have been honest or stayed quiet?