Mum pens eye-opening message about the car seat that saved her daughter's life

No parent should have to look into the back seat and check if their child is alive.

February 07 2017

Murray recalled the time and effort she put into picking the perfect car seat and she's glad she did.


My family thought I was CRAZY after the birth of my daughter because I searched for MONTHS for the perfect car seat.


“I watched carseat crash test videos over and over again until I found the safest seat for my baby, the Diono Rainier, my husband thought I was nuts to spend so much on a car seat.”


She finished her letter saying, "no parent should ever have to turn and look in the backseat to see if their child is still alive, but if you ever do I hope you see what I saw.”


“My child perfectly snug in her car seat, she did not move an inch, her car seat did not move an inch, everything around her was broken, but she was perfect.