Outrage as mum ordered to hide her daughter's 'deformity' because it shocks other kids

This is heartbreaking...

February 06 2019

A stunned mum was told she should cover up her daughter's 'little arm' because it 'scared' other kids at the playground.

Little Gracie Morgan was playing happily while her mum, Sarah, sat nearby.

Another mother then came over and told her to dress her daughter differently so other children wouldn't be scared by her arm. 

Gracie had been wearing a short sleeved dress at the soft play centre in Llanelli, Wales.

"This happens a lot and I'm not very comfortable with people staring but children are curious and that's OK.

"But then the little boy started to say he was scared so I took Gracie and moved her to play with her brothers in a different part of the playground.

"That's when the boy's mother came over. She said I shouldn't make Gracie's arm so obvious because it was scaring the children."

She added, "I was so angry I just gathered up the kids and left. I didn't trust myself to respond."


Gracie at the playground/Facebook

Gracie at the playground/Facebook


Sarah, 32, says she has now started to avoid social situations because of the cruel comments about Gracie's arm.

"One time an older boy was circling Gracie and pointing and laughing while his parents just looked on," she said. 

 Sarah added: "At the moment Grace is young and doesn't understand. Nothing stops her and I want her to always be that way."

Sarah was born with her 'little arm' after it was discovered during her routine 20 week scan. She was told her baby had an upper limb difference which meant she was going to be born with less than half a left arm.





"She overcomes everything that I might have considered a challenge before,' says Sarah.

"To us she is absolutely perfect in every way."

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