Mum of three buys HUNDREDS of Christmas gifts for her kids


December 18 2018

A mother of three has shocked members of a Facebook Christmas group by sharing a video of the massive haul of presents she bought for her children.

The stash, which she accumulated over a five-month period, is truly phenomenal and includes a bike, video games, chocolate, stuffed toys and stationery.

The products were spread out over an entire couch and floor and almost filled an entire room.

The mother shared to the online group: “Finally emptied my Christmas cupboards to see what I've collected over the last few months... did I mention that I LOATHE wrapping presents.”

Members of the group were quick to comment, with some saying she had gone too far.

“Oh dear… a bit much. I’d be saving some for birthdays,” wrote one. “That’s ridiculous” commented another.

Despite the criticism, the mother stated that she was not going to let society ‘guilt trip’ her about spoiling her children.

“Society will try let you believe there is [something wrong with spoiling kids] or try guilt trip you for it,” she said.

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