Mum mortified as charity shop refuses to accept floral cushions for being X-RATED! But can you see why?!

Oh my!

May 27 2019

A mortified mum took two floral cushions to her local charity shop but was stunned when they REFUSED to accept them, because of their very rude design.

Posting on the Facebook group Mrs Hinch Made Me Do It, the woman revealed how she went to donate these two blue flower-print cushions but was turned away by the shop.





Unaware that the design looks like it contains penises, the confused woman wrote: "Help please... why won't my charity shop accept these?"

Then, unable to "un-see" the rude design feature, the mum circled the crude images in red for the group's 87,000 members to weigh in.

And it turns out the charity shop wasn't being over-sensitive - these cushions are actually sold online by as um... penis cushions.


Members of the Facebook group which swaps cleaning and tidying tips were quick to make A LOT of jokes about the cushions but many genuinely didn't see there was a problem.

'It took me ten minutes to work this out,' said one. 'How embarrassing!'

'Why would anyone actually want a cushion with a penis shaped as a flower on it?!!' said another.

'This is PLAIN FREAKY' laughed another. 'I am buying one for my MIL!'

News about these cushions come just weeks after an Aussie mum found her daughter in Kmart playing with a banana toy that looked very phallic...


What do you think of cushions? Too rude?