Mum livid after son's chickenpox photos are stolen for cancer scam

She reported the pictures over 30 times.

February 21 2017

Jasper made headlines last summer after he was hospitalised with a sever case of chickenpox, which covered his entire body.

Since spotting the photos, the mum says she has reported them over 30 times but they still havent been taken down.

“I have had friends and family call up thinking Jasper actually has cancer. It is really upsetting and distressing. I’ve even seen people commenting on the post offering to transfer donations.

“I think it is disgusting. They are scammers. They can’t be real human beings, because no person would think this is OK. They are making up lies.”

The scam post has been shared over 1.2 million times.

“Apparently these fake pages share as much as they could to get likes and followers, then when they have enough they sell the page to someone who wants it for business.”