Mum kicks little boy out of playground so her daughter can enjoy 'girl time'

But her actions haven't gone down too well...

November 06 2018

A mum threw a little boy and his mum out of a public playground saying she wanted her daughter and her friends to enjoy 'girl time'.

The mum claims she organised 'girl-only' playdates with her friends and their daughters at the playground every week but this mum didn't realise the rules and turned up to join in.

Writing to an advice column in the Washington Post, the mum explained that she was only trying to help her little girl enjoy some time away from boys.

'We live in a world where boys get everything and girls are left with the crumbs,' she said. 'And I think this mom would realise that, but she seems to think her son is entitled to crash this girls-only time.'


Reaction to the letter was pretty swift and pretty brutal and the Agony Aun,t who wrote a reply in the advice column, was very clear about her own views.

Carolyn Has wrote, 'That kid is a human being - not with privileged little man feelings, either, but with feelings, period. Perhaps even a disposition that fit better into your idea of girl behavior than one or more of the girls there. People are not widgets. And the adult you shooed off is a mom, possessor of the same crumbs you've been fed, no? So don't you think she would have just liked to hang with some fellow moms in the park while she was out with her child?'

She added, 'If you're going to have an exclusive gathering, then host it on private property.'

Other mums were quick to fire up on social media at the 'spoilt' mum for making the boy and his mother feel so terrible when they were just trying to join in the playdate.

'It's just bullying plain and simple,' said one. 'No excuse about girl-time can come close to explaining your actions. You taught your daughters that it's OK to exclude someone based purely on what they look like.'





It's not clear what the mum did next but reaction on Facebook was almost unanimous in its anger!

What do you think? What would do if you were asked to leave the playground?