Mum is called 'DISGUSTING' for breastfeeding baby boy in public

She's hit back at the abusive stranger

September 23 2019


As the mum-of-three arrived at the café, she selected a seat where she could breastfeed her son discreetly without ‘side boob’ being seen.

But just minutes after she started feeding Archie, 4 months, she heard yelling behind her. Turning around, the mum of-three discovered the shouting was aimed at her.

Ashley wrote, ‘I realised he was yelling at me. I then heard him say “Your disgusting, that’s disgusting, cover your t*ts.”

Shocked, Ashley said ‘Excuse me?’ while the man continued to tell Ashley how ‘disgusting’ she was, all while his elderly mother was quietly sitting by his side.

Ashley explained, ‘I told him, “I’m feeding my god damn son you disgusting pig.’


Ashley was shocked by the man's abuse

Ashley was shocked by the man's abuse


But despite her defence, the man continued, saying she was disgusting for doing it in public and to cover her breasts.

Thankfully, several kind people came over to support Ashley. The mum wrote, ‘I burst into tears. I was shaken, angry, embarrassed and on the same hand so honoured these women came to help me.

‘By the time I turned around, he was gone.’

She added, ‘To this man I want to say, go eat your lunch in a smelly bathroom with a blanket over your head – tell me how you like it.’

Ashley also wrote about her bub’s current condition, saying, ‘My boy was hospitalised for failure to thrive, I must feed him on demand. He is 4.5 months and the size of a new born.'

She continued, 'What people also won't know is how God damn hard I have worked to breastfeed - medication, natural supplements, several pump sessions a day, hundreds, if not almost thousands spent on anything that would help me.

‘Before Archie, I was too embarrassed/scared to feed uncovered. I then pushed through my fears and thoughts and now I feed everywhere, any time he wants!!!’

Originally published as Mum is called 'DISGUSTING' for breastfeeding baby boy in public


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