Mum goes from worried to mortified after she finds mysterious mark In baby's mouth - can you see what it is?

She was horrified!

Editor / June 03 2019

 A panicked mum was petrified when she saw a huge dark mark on the roof of her daughter's mouth.

Darian Depreta was playing with baby Bella when she spotted the circular mark at the top of child's mouth.






Confused, she tried to rub it off but when it didn't disappear, the American mum spiralled into panic.

 "So I'm playing with Bella today and notice the roof of her mouth is black," she wrote on Facebook. 

"I try wiping it to see if it would come off, and it didn't. I immediately call Chandler, my mom and best friend in a panic.

"I make her a doctors appointment that was about 30 minutes from the time I noticed her mouth."

At the doctor's surgery, the GP and the nurse unsuccessfully tried to wipe off the mark too, but then could not work out what it was, apart from maybe a birth mark. 

But Darian said she knew it wasn't that, as it had only just appeared. 

She added on Facebook, "I'm now being told that my daughter will be set up with 2 specialists. After insisting it wasn’t a birthmark on the roof of her mouth, the NP decided to take another look at this medical mystery.

"I point out it looks a little white on the side and she really gets in there trying to scrape it."

And then they realised what it actually was...


"I can never show my face in that office again. I cried/laughed for a solid 5 minutes straight."



Darian admits she is still embarrassed by what happened, but after being attacked online about letting her baby chew on cardboard, she is aware how lucky she is.  

 "Yes she could have choked on it and I’m thanking God she did not.

"The only reason it was posted was because after crying, panicking and trying to figure out what it was (the doctors didn’t even know) , she was ok. The laugh was after the storm of it all."


Frances Sheen has been a magazine and website journalist & editor for the last 20 years - both in Australia and the UK. She's appeared on countless TV and radio shows to discuss parenting and launched her own social media parenting brand. She's the mum of two little girls and juggles that with a busy working life.

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