Mum gets nose BROKEN TWICE by wriggling toddler - and these injuries are on the rise!

She's not the only one!

April 09 2019

The number of broken noses among mothers is on the rise according to doctors - and it’s kids who are the culprits!  

But it’s not toddler tantrums and meltdowns at the supermarket that have sparked this rise in injuries – it’s wearing your baby carrier and co-sleeping!

One mum even admitted that she had been the victim of her toddlers' knock-out punch, not once but twice now. Alexandra Sowa was enjoying bedtime snuggles with Henry, her two-year-old son, when he broke her nose during an over-enthusiastic hug.

“It was a perfect family cuddle moment . . . and then he just bopped me,” says the 35-year-old doctor about both incidents.

Despite the two breaks and consequent surgeries, the wellness clinic owner said she isn’t mad at her “little head-butter,” but was bewildered by the incidents.

She told the New York Post, “I’ve given [my kids] my everything - C-section, bags under my eyes - and I [felt] like the one thing they weren’t going to do was touch was my nose. It’s like, ‘You took that from me, too?”




Front-facing baby carriers like Baby Bjorns put your baby so close to your nose, those flailing arms are causing the baby to hit out at mum.

And co-sleeping can also contribute to the rise in broken noses, as baby’s punch mum in their sleep!

“It’s a steady stream . . . of mums who come in for this,” says Dr. Norman Rowe, a plastic surgeon based in New York.

He thinks that carriers such as BabyBjörns “should come with a warning,” because of the potential harm a rogue swinging fist can cause while your baby is being carried.