Mum freaks out after Dad's convincing prank

His photoshopping skills are commendable!

April 05 2017

Bobby Wesson meticulously photo shopped a picture of his little boy to give him a baldhead, then texted his wife, Rayena, and told her he’d got hold of his trimmers.

In a series of hilarious messages posted to his Facebook page, Bobby said their son was so upset by his new look that he was going to shave his head in support – before sending poor Rayena a picture of the two of them with matching butchered haircuts.

‘IT LOOKS LIKE YOU CUT MY BABY’S HAIR WITH A WEEDEATER,’ she wrote in shouty capitals.

Bobby didn’t only get into trouble with his wife – he got a telling off from his mum too. She said he had some making up to do for pulling the prank while nurse Rayena was at work.

But Bobby reassured his followers he knew Rayena wasn’t busy before getting her all riled up, before calling all nurses heroes. Apparently she was mad when she got home!

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