Aussie mum CANCELS Christmas and films her kids’ reaction


December 26 2018

A Perth mum has actually done what many of us threaten to do in the lead-up to the holiday period – she cancelled Christmas.

Shantel Green told A Current Affair she was sick of her “spoilt rotten” children and decided that Santa was not going to come to them this year because they were too naughty.

“Santa Claus doesn’t come to naughty kids - not at all,” Shantel said, referring to her two children, Jon-Pierre, seven, and Jessica, six.

The final straw came when Jessica couldn’t help but open one of her presents weeks before Christmas.

“They’re going to cry. They’re going to hate me… All the parents can think of me as a Grinch, I understand,” she said.

The mum of two also added that money wasn’t an issue, and that she was buying presents for her friends’ children because they are well-behaved.

The children appeared with their mum on the TV show talking about the presents they hoped to get for Christmas.

However, there’s a twist in the tale. Their mum filmed them coming down to the tree on Christmas morning to find just one box containing Christmas hats and a letter from Santa telling the children that Christmas is about food and spending time with family.

Seemingly unphased, Jessica points out excitedly that Santa has eaten the cookies she left out, then the two children go outside and play on their trampoline.

“They need to think about the logic,” Shantel said. “Next year I’ll give them a present, but not this year.”