Mum BANS all future birthday parties for her son - after rude guests & parents ruin the last one!

Would you do this?

June 11 2019

A mum says she won't host another kids party after sons' 8th birthday party was ruined by rude kids and parents.

The anonymous parent, who wrote about her experience on Mumsnet, said there were ten reasons why she didn't enjoy the party, which was held at a venue, and wouldn't host one again.

'My dear son had his 8th birthday yesterday and I don't think I'll be doing that again,' she said in the forum.





'I was quite taken aback by the behaviour of so many parents and some of the children too.'

She then listed all the problems she had experienced with the party. 

"Ten people didn’t respond to the invitation at all.

"One child turned up without RSVPing, one child sent an email RSVP acceptance 25 minutes before the party started, two people who said they’d be there didn’t turn up, no explanation, about half the parents didn't speak to me at all.

'They just dropped their kids and ran without saying hello and then came and collected them without saying thank you.

'Kids saying 'I’m leaving, can I have my party bag?'”

She also detailed how some children refused to sit at the party table, leaving the birthday boy sitting there with just one guest next to him.

"Two parents paid for their younger children to join the party (in a separate room from the rest of the play area) without asking," the mum added.

"I would have said yes of course but it would be nice to be asked."

She also said two children were crying after hurting themselves and one "wet himself" - although she stressed that was no-one's fault. 





Other parents totally commiserated with the mum over the party disaster. 

"I've never understood whole class parties anyway," one parent wrote.

"I wouldn't invite a load of adults I'm not particularly good friends with (or in some cases don't even like much) to my birthday party, so I don't understand why parents do it for their kids.

Others agreed with the mum's frustration with the behaviour of parents.

"So rude," said another. "You're spending money on their kid but they can't say thank you or even hello. Ditch them immediately."

"There's nothing more rude than a group of entitled parents. Ever," said another. 


Have you ever found kids and parents rude at a birthday party?