Mum asks for advice after cancelling Easter for her three children

'Please tell me I'm not the only parent who has done this to their kids.'

April 18 2017

The reaction on Facebook was mixed with many supporting the mum’s decision.

“Treats are withheld in many homes for many reasons,” one person said.

Another added: “Good for you!!!”

On the hand, some felt leaving it up to the Easter Bunny to punish children isn’t the best idea.

“When your child misbehaves you deal with it right there & then,” one person wrote. “You don't drag it on and let the Easter bunny deal with it.”

Another said: “You're just reinforcing to your children that they are naughty kids. This will not work, and in fact, will make any negative behaviours they may be displaying towards you worse.”

In a later update, Tracy thanked everyone for commenting - both positive and negative.

“Loving all the comments negative and positive ... I wasn't seeking validation for my parenting tactics rather sharing on a community forum,” she said.

“My children are far from traumatised and are playing happily without chocolate. Who knows if it will make a difference but least it gave all you something to judge your lives on Easter morning... HAPPY EASTER...”