Mother speaks out after hospital wrongly cremates stillborn baby

'We trusted them to do their jobs.'

February 27 2017

During the pregnancy, doctors discovered Stella and Anthony's daughter Krystal has an enlarged bladder and recommended they terminate the pregnancy. 

As the bladder continued to grow, the couple were left with no other option. At 28-weeks Stella was induced and Krystal was stillborn. 

"I came home. I was in pain. I was suffering. I was a mother without a baby and it's so hard," Stella said. 

The couple say the tests would have provided some comfort after their ordeal. 

"Now we are stuck, five months after the baby has been delivered. We don't have the answers," said Anthony.

Robynne Cooke, general manager of Liverpool Hospital, apologised and offered ongoing support. 

“I am so sorry that we let them down," she said.