Solo mum of autistic boy distraught by nasty anonymous note from neighbor


January 02 2019

A single mum from New Zealand had a rocky start to the New Year when she found an anonymous note in her letterbox from a neighbor.

The hand-written note included a threat to call her landlord and child services due to her son’s yelling, reports the New Zealand Herald.

Ana’s son, Wiremu, is seven, and has autism and Global Development Delay (GDD). Yelling is how he copes with his condition.

'If you don't stop that kid yelling, I will ring child support and report you. We all getting sick of the yelling and also ring your landlord,' the note read.

"I would have preferred being spoken to face to face so I can explain our situation," the heartbroken mum said. "It is very hard for me doing this on my own."

The 28-year-old has three other children and says her son has “become more difficult to handle.”

In a Facebook post, Ana apologized to her neighbours for her “disruptive” son, saying that the family were just trying to get through each day in the hopes that thinks might improve.

Wiremu is currently on the waiting list to see a paediatrician and Ana hopes this will give the family the help they so desperately need.

“I understand why my neighbours would complain, he is very loud and has random outbursts almost every day,” she said.

Getting out and about it tricky as Wiremu is loud in public and people often stop and stare when he has an outburst.

“The only thing I can do to keep him calm and quiet is let him have my cellphone which has Minecraft installed on it for him to play all day every day.

“I love my son to pieces. He may not be perfect to others but he is perfect to me,” she said.

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