MOMO IS DEAD. Creator of terrifying doll says he has finally destroyed the scary doll.

This is a relief...

March 03 2019

The man who made the freak Momo Challenge doll that's been scaring children on the internet says his hideous creation has 'rotted away' and he has destroyed it.

Speaking from his factory in Japan, 43-year-old Keisuke Aiso announced that Momo no longer exists in any form.

'It doesn't exist anymore, it was never meant to last. It was rotten and I threw it away.

'The children can be reassured Momo is dead - she doesn't exist and the curse is gone,'Keisuke told The Sun



Momo or 'Mother Bird' was built in 2016 to be shown at a Japanese art gallery as part of an annual exhibition.

It has the naked body of a woman with a bird's lower half, bulging eyes and a freaky grin. The artist admitted he WANTED to scare people with Momo but did not expect her to appear in freakish videos in the Momo Challenge.

Photos of Momo became the face of a sickening online trolling game targeted at children, with reports it even made its way into Peppa Pig videos on the internet.

When Momo pops up on the screen, children were 'challenged' to take part in acts of self-harm.



Artist Keisuke Aiso now says he is glad that Momo has been destroyed as it has caused him "nothing but trouble"  and he hopes the news will mean children can stop feeling as scared by it.

'People do not know if it is true or not but apparently the children have been affected and I do feel a little responsible for it,' he said.