“Give your kid a goddamn smack”

Model Jett Kenny admonishes Mum in GP’s waiting room

September 07 2018

Australian model Jett Kenny has inadvertently sparked a debate on whether children should be smacked or not.

The 23-year-old was sitting in a doctor’s waiting room when he observed and filmed a young boy flinging a box around the room repeatedly, while his mother sat and did nothing.

Jett captioned the Instagram story with ‘Give your kid a goddamn smack.’

The Full Monty star followed this up with a poll asking ‘Anyone else get smacked as a kid? I sure did if I was being nawty,’ – inviting his followers to press yes or no.

95 per cent answered in the affirmative, however the posts posts sparked a debate on Thursday on breakfast TV show Sunrise.

Host Samantha Armytage, 3AW host Tom Elliot and social commentator Jane Caro discussed whether Mr Kenny should have posted the images in the first place.

“Parents have a tough enough time now dealing with kids in public without random strangers, whoever’s kids it may be giving them advice,” Ms Caro said.

Mr Elliot took umbrage with the fact that Jett spelled ‘nawty’ incorrectly.

Jett hit back at the critics, pointing out that he hadn’t said anything to the mother, merely observed what was happening, and confirmed that her did indeed know the correct spelling of ‘naughty’.

The model is the son of former ironman Grant Kenny and former professional swimmer Lisa Curry.

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