Millionaire mum of five shares her top tip for success

It’s the one thing successful people do differently…

CEO of Business Chicks, best-selling author and mother of five Emma Isaacs certainly has a lot on her plate!

The entrepreneur bought her first business at the age of 18 and has worked with Sir Richard Branson, Kate Hudson and Nicole Kidman, the Daily Mail reports.

In her new book, Winging It, the Sydney mum reveals the one trait successful people possess that sets them apart – vulnerability.

“I have a call with a business coach every week ... I love the chance to truly open up and express where I'm stuck and how I'm feeling, even when it mostly means I'm reduced to a blubbering mess,” Emma says.

“It's easy to put on a mask and pretend that everything's perfect. It takes lots more strength to reach in and admit, 'I'm not a hundred per cent coping here'", she adds.

The businesswoman also said that when she shows vulnerability and honesty with her team, she receives the same openness back.

Other traits successful people share are taking the time to educate themselves and learn new things, making sure they stay accountable and on track, and seeking (honest!) feedback so they can improve.

“It's much easier and more comfortable to only have friends telling us ‘you’re amazing’, but there's far more value in surrounding ourselves with people who'll say ‘you're capable of more and I'm here to remind you of that’”, she says.

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