Meghan Markle's sister tells: She wrecked my family, now she's wrecking the royal family

She says 'I told you so'

January 09 2020

WATCH: Samantha Markle lets rip on Megxit


Speaking on Sunrise this morning, Samantha, who has haunted Meghan with a series of scathing interviews ever since the actress started dating Prince Harry, let fly with her vicious assessment.

‘I was surprised on one hand but not on the other,’ Samantha said of the news that Prince Harry and Meghan have upset the Queen by announcing they are withdrawing as senior members of the royal family, and plan to live much of the year in North America.

‘As I said at the beginning of all this, there wasn't really a “Markle family rift” and we have all felt very ghosted’ [by Meghan], she explained of her famous animosity.


Harry and Meghan are facing controversy. Image: Getty

Harry and Meghan are facing controversy. Image: Getty


‘I had said, if she'll do this to our family, she'll do this to yours.’

Samantha says she feels vindicated by the latest events, after she was widely condemned as a spiteful relative trying to cash in of her half-sister’s marriage by selling nasty interviews.

‘The world sort of mocked me and a lot was said about me being jealous and bitter, but I was just being very honest,’ she claims.


The fab four are no more. Image: Getty

The fab four are no more. Image: Getty


Samantha insists there has been no attempt by Meghan to repair her damaged family relationships, and she sees signs of a similar divisiveness on Meghan’s latest headline-grabbing behaviour.

‘At no point has Meghan ever stepped out to say “let's all be on the same page and work this out,”’ she moaned.  

‘It's very hurtful for our family to see this, because I had extended an olive branch and was hoping I'd appeal to the heart I thought she had and that there would be unity moving forward.


Will Meghan get the last laugh? Image: Getty

Will Meghan get the last laugh? Image: Getty

‘I don't understand how she could have allowed all of this to happen with no remorse.’

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle didn't just shock the world when they announced they were stepping away form the Royal Family, they also shocked the Queen

In an incredibly harsh, two-line statement, released shortly after the Duke and Duchess of Sussex's bombshell announcement, the BBC learnt that neither the Queen nor Prince Charles were consulted before making the announcement that they were stepping away as 'senior members' of the Royal Family. 

‘Discussions with The Duke and Duchess of Sussex are at an early stage. We understand their desire to take a different approach, but these are complicated issues that will take time to work through.’