Meghan Markle under fire for “behaving like a Kardashian”

Piers Morgan slams the Duchess in latest interview

June 27 2019

British commentator Piers Morgan has taken aim at the Duchess of Sussex again in a lengthy rant on a radio show.

He criticised the cost of renovations for Frogmore Cottage, the home Prince Harry and Meghan Markle recently moved into.

“‘Not least doing up their house, £2.5m ($4.5m) cost to the taxpayer. That’s the behaviour of a Kardashian, not somebody who married into the Royal family so they’ve got to be careful,” he said.

He also claimed he felt “sorry” for Thomas Markle, whom he has interviewed before.

“I feel very sorry for Thomas Markle. I had a bad experience with Meghan Markle, I’ve talked about it a lot.

“I just think she’s a, I’m afraid, she’s a bit of work, drops people as soon she gets someone more important in her life and it’s just my experience.”

He also added that he believed the way she treated her family was “not a good look” and there were a lot of “worrying signs.”

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Piers also claims he was snubbed by the Duchess of Sussex after interviewing her in the past.

“I loved Suits, got to know her and the other guy on Suits, he came on Good Morning Britain, Rick Hoffman who played Louis Littman on Suits, he dumped me like a sack of spuds too, at her behest, the moment she meets Harry.

“I put her in the cab to meet Harry, never heard from her again, she met somebody more important and that was it, gone, bang, ghosted.

“It was all a bit pathetic… it was a bit of a warning sign because she does it to everyone.”

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Telegraph columnist Allison Pearson has also weighed in, speculating whether Meghan Markle may be suffering with “American Wife syndrome”.

Ms Pearson – an American herself – describes American Wife Syndrome as a woman who initially deems a listed cottage as “quaint” before setting about essentially razing it to the ground.

She adds that Americans are more accustomed to “power showers, underfloor heating, walk in closets, laundry rooms, indoor gyms, wine cellars, yoga studios and home cinemas”, as well as his and her bathrooms and walk-in closets which are “pretty much the norm in any new build house in the US”.