BREAKING NEWS: Meghan overheard revealing her favourite baby name to her friends at a party!


December 11 2018

Did Meghan Markle really just let slip her baby's name to her best friends?

The Duchess of Sussex was overheard chatting with friends at the British Fashion Awards in London and by-standers swear she was talking about what she wants to call her child.

The wife of Prince Harry was talking intently to her good friends Clare Waight Keller from design studio Givenchy and actress Rosamund Pike when she was said to have let slip the name she is keen on.

And the name?


'That is a lovely name,' James Bond star Rosamund was overheard saying to Meghan by someone standing nearby. 

'The three to them were talking really intently,' said one party-goer. 'They are all clearly really good friends and were talking about Meghan's bump and how much she had 'popped' in the last few weeks.'

'Then there was a pause and Meghan whispered something and then one said that they thought the name Darcy was just gorgeous and Meghan was nodding and agreeing.'



Meghan attended the bash to present her friend Clare from Givenchy, with the British Womenswear Designer of the Year awards after Clare designed Meghan’s stunning wedding dress earlier this year.

After the official ceremony, she was caught on Instagram talking to her friends at the after-party clutching her bump with both hands and looking directly at the camera. So was this the moment she let slip that we could have a royal baby Darcy?

The name Darcy is thought to have never been used in royal circles before - and it could be a name for a boy or a girl.

Darcy, or Darcey, is a very traditional English name for both sexes - with its roots going back to the Norman Conquest!

So have we just had a sneak peek at our new royal baby name?

Prince Darcy or Princess Darcy certainly has a ring to it!