Meghan Markle opens up about divorce

Her first tell-all interview about her first marriage

December 01 2018

A set of never before seen pictures of Meghan Markle in Malta has been released, and now the photographer behind the shots has opened up about what it was like working with the now Duchess of Sussex.

Kurt Arrigo spent two days with Meghan in the Mediterranean country in March 2015, after she was invited by the local tourist board to explore her the birthplace of her great-great-grandmother.

Arrigo told the Daily Mail that Meghan was 'down-to-earth,'  'very pleasant to work with' and happy to chat about her recent divorce to Trevor Engelson.

'She had mentioned that she was previously married as well but she didn’t really open up about it,' said Kurt, who met Meghan two years after her split from director Trevor Engelson.

'It was very candid,' Kurt reveals. 'She didn’t really want any poses, but then after a while she felt comfortable. It wan’t a fashion shoot, it was very much a lifestyle [shoot].

'It was a very casual shoot and I just kind of tagged along and made her feel comfortable and not do it in an invasive way and do it discreetly.'

This story first appeared in NEW IDEA.