US report: Meghan and Kate’s explosive fight - ‘Harry is going to leave you’

The two royal wives have another awkward moment

September 27 2019

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‘It’s no secret that Kate and Meghan don’t get on, but things between them are worse than ever,’ a source reportedly told the publication.

What set off the fireworks was Kate reportedly mentioning Meghan’s recent missteps, including private jet travel and hiring a Hollywood PR firm in her bid to ‘break the Internet’. While these things have been frowned upon in the UK press, Meghan did not like being reminded, claims In Touch, and things rapidly escalated.

‘Kate brought up hiring the firm to Meghan,’ claims the publication’s source. ‘Kate didn’t want to start trouble – she just wanted to warn Meghan that if she doesn’t change her ways, she could risk losing everything.’

But if her intentions were pure, that did not help matters, with Meghan less than thrilled at the prospect of being lectured to.

The US report that has people talking. Image: In Touch

The US report that has people talking. Image: In Touch

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‘Meghan wasn’t having any of it and immediately became defensive,’ claimed the source. ‘After trying to reason with her and not getting anywhere, Kate couldn’t hold back any longer,’ says the source.

The publication outrageously claims that Kate supposedly ‘blurted out’ that Harry ‘was going to leave her unless she made some big changes.’

‘She insinuated that Meghan is ruining his life by not conforming to the ways of royal family,’ claimed the source.

The report comes amid claims that the Queen herself has been less than thrilled with Harry and Meghan’s recent missteps before their African tour kicked off.

The monarch reportedly refused to talk about Meghan Markle and Prince Harry during her Balmoral sojourn.

An insider told royal expert Quentin Letts that the 93-year-old ‘does not want to talk about the Sussexes.’

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Image: Getty

Image: Getty

People spending time with the Queen were allegedly told not to mention the Duke and Duchess of Sussex.

Letts tweeted on Friday: ‘Friend of an acquaintance was about to go riding with HMQ.

‘Was given v firm advice “Talk about anything except one subject.” Brexit? “No, The Sussexes.”’

According to Express, there have been reports of tension within the royal family after her Majesty was left "deeply disappointed" by the royal couple's snub of her invitation to their Scottish Balmoral Castle residence recently.

Instead, the Duchess travelled to New York to watch best friend Serena Williams compete in the US Open final.

As a result, the royal couple - who live in Frogmore Cottage in Windsor - skipped the Queen's invitation to the Highland games.

However, things may now be on the up, with Harry and Meghan’s tour of South Africa already being called a major success. The Queen, hopefully, is now ready to talk about the couple again, but will Meghan talk to Kate?

The Palace has not commented on In Touch's sensational claims. 

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