Meet The One In 48 Million Baby

The doctor who delivered her is in complete shock

August 18 2016

Caitlin and Tom Perkins, from Dirranbandi, Queensland, were born on the same day (16 August 1986), just 50 minutes apart.


The couple gave birth to a girl this week after she happened to arrive a week early. Guess what day? That’s right, baby Lucy Marie Perkins, was also born on the 16th of August. Thirty years after her mum and dad were born.

The couple’s obstetrician, Dr Brad Robinson, was understandably excited and shared the news on Facebook.


“HOLD THE PHONE! You are not going to believe this story!” he posted with a photo of the new family.


“Lucy was born yesterday after SPONTANEOUS labour on the same day as her parents! The chances of that happening are 1 in 48 million! I feel kinda bad now because I'd been goading Caitlin for a week that I was somehow going to make this happen - so she now blames me for putting a hex on her! How incredible is it that the three of them now have the same birthday? And what a gorgeous family they make!”


Congrats to the happy new family!