Meet the boy on a mission to save the planet

And he has a very famous fan!

Content Editor / September 19 2018

Arlian Ecker is a modern-day superhero with an alter ego called Plastic Free Boy.

The young Byron Bay resident has created a documentary, Plastic Alarm, with the help of his mum Karin, a professional film-maker.

In addition to making the doco, which has been screened in 30 schools around the world, the pair also make short videos on a daily basis, with the aim of encouraging children and their parents to do more for their environment.

“When I pick Arlian up from school, we walk and talk and make videos and weave other people into them,” Karin explains.

Arlian also arranges regular beach clean-ups with his friends and other Byron Bay locals.

“My best tips for families would be to stop using single-use items, like straws,” Arlian says. “Fill water bottles at home, pick up plastic and rubbish when you’re out walking, and don’t forget to recycle,” he adds.

Arlian has also caught the attention of a rather famous Byron local – none other than Chris Hemsworth. Arlian and Karin bumped into the Thor actor in Byron Bay, and told him about their project.

Chris watched the movie and checked out Arlian’s Instagram page.

“I’ve watched the documentary and wanted to say well done to … Arlian for having the courage and passion to stand up and fight for something so important and I’d encourage him to continue to have the strength to keep pushing forward,” Chris wrote in a message to Karin.

But Arlian’s biggest fan is of course his mum, who says she is hugely proud of his commitment and dedication. “I feel hopeful when I see that one child can inspire so many others,” she says.

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