MAFS SPOILER alert: 'We're together!' Meet Sam's secret girlfriend!

Akila Ahmunett breaks her silence as she reveals the couple are 'in love' and have been together for months...

February 12 2019

Spoiler alert below!

The new girlfriend of Married At First Sight 'bad boy' Sam Ball has broken her silence, saying the couple are 'in love' and have been secretly dating since December 2018.

The explosive revelations by Akila Ahmunett come just as Sam, 26, and fellow contestant, Ines Basic, posed for photos in a weekly magazine saying they had had an affair behind their original partners backs. 

Despite that drama playing out on screen, Akila has confirmed to Who magazine that Sam deserts both Ines and his 'wife' Elizabeth Sobinoff to date her instead!


Sam and Akila/Instagram

Sam and Akila/Instagram


Talking to WHO, Akila said, 'We met through a mutual friend on Facebook in Jan. 2018, exchanged numbers and talked frequently until we finally met up. He asked me out throughout the year obviously, I cancelled on him a few times haha but as soon as we met up we both 'knew' instantly. Our first date was a picnic that went for nine hours [laughs].'

And she said that as she hates reality TV, the pair haven't talked about his time on the show or the two women he was romantically involved with, but she did admit that she does know who Ines is.

'I've known about Ines as he explained the show and what happened on our first date. At the time he didn't know Ines at all so he just did what the producers wanted, but I know that he is very embarrassed and regretful of it all now.'


Sam and Ines/Channel Nine

Sam and Ines/Channel Nine


Sam and Akila have been pictured together on social media several times in recent months and are 'in a relationship' on Sam's secret Facebook account, where he goes by the name Roman Winston.  

'They have been together since the start of December but have known each other for a year,' an anonymous source told Daily Mail Australia earlier this month.

A photo also surfaced at the time of Sam and Akila cuddling at a house party on NYE, backing up claims they have been together since then. 


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