Man SHOCKED after finding girlfriend's 'creepy' box – just like in Netflix’ ‘You’

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March 06 2019

A University student who was snooping in his girlfriend’s closet found more than he bargained for when he unearthed a box containing old items belonging to him – including his nail clippings and hair.

“We have been together for just over a year and we have never had any issues apart from minor arguments that were easily resolved. Up until recently I've never noticed anything strange about her behavior,” the man shared on Reddit.

Saying that he was “bored” one day while she was out at lectures, he found a box in her room and opened it up to find it full of bizarre items – all of which belonged to him.

“When I opened it I found so many random things that I used to own. There were odd socks in there that she has taken. A toothbrush that I thought I had lost after our holiday. Bits of hair (presumably) from my comb. Toe nail clippings. Receipts that I assume she stole from my wallet.

“She even has things like empty wrappers of food that I know were mine. There was a piece of glass in there, but I don't know where that is from. A USB phone charger. A half used bar of soap. Boxer shorts. Used gum. Used plasters from God knows when.”

Reddit forum users were quick to compare the incident to a scene from the Netflix show You, starring Penn Badgley, where the main character keeps a box containing used tampons and teeth, belonging to his girlfriend.

The man admitted he was unsure what to do, saying that he would find it tricky to confront her, given the fact that HE had been snooping in HER things.

"She has never acted obsessive or creepy or anything. I don't want to confront her about it because she will know I was looking through her things. But then again, what else am I supposed to do? I love her so much but I am genuinely scared," he wrote.

“Maybe she’s a witch,” one person suggested, implying she might use his nails or hair in a spell or similar.

“Either that or she's a hoarder or maybe a mild kleptomanic; kleptos often steal things with no real value because it satisfies the urge to steal without causing real harm,” added another.

Most users were unanimous in agreeing that he needed to confront his partner about the box, however.

“Ask her about the box... And for God's sake UPDATE,” wrote one.

What would you do?

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