Little girl accidentally takes home deadly blue-ringed octopus after collecting sea shells

She was at Coogee Beach, WA

December 04 2018

A toddler had a near-miss when she was collecting shells at a WA beach and a potentially deadly blue-ringed octopus was hiding inside one shell.

The Surf Life Saving Club at Coogee Beach in WA posted photos of the octopus whose bite can kill, with a warning to all parents to keep an eye out for the creatures.

The little girl was playing on the beach when she gathered up shells and stones. 

When she got home, her aunt washed the shells so she could play with them at home, when the blue-ringed octopus appeared. 


Despite their small size (they grow to about 5cm) blue-ringed octopuses are one of the world’s most venomous marine creatures and carry enough venom to kill twenty-six adults within minutes.

They aren't aggressive but could attack if provoked. 

After the Surf Club posted the warning to beach-goers about the octopus, they were inundated with other families saying they had spotted the creatures around that area too.