Lindy Klim: 'Why I'm marrying Adam today'

Congratulations are in order for the Balinese beauty

Content Editor / August 02 2018

After a whirlwind romance followed by a two-year engagement, Lindy Klim has announced she is marrying new partner Adam Ellis.

Lindy, Adam and her four children have been having a picture-perfect holiday in Europe and are currently in Tuscany, where the wedding will take place.

A candid, loving photo on Instagram showed the couple relaxing together with Lindy propping her feet on Adam’s lap. The caption reads ‘As of tomorrow my footstool for life... #italy #tuscany #love.'

Right before departing for her wedding, Lindy sat down exclusively with Practical Parenting to talk about the new ‘Tinder for mums’ app Peanut, and also revealed how Adam has won her heart.

Lindy chats with Practical Parenting about her future husband

Lindy chats with Practical Parenting about her future husband

“He’s completely the opposite of what I know with my ex-husband,” she explained. “He’s almost exactly the same as my stepdad.

“My stepdad is very kind, very soft, very intelligent… and just this kind nature that they have, and Adam is all of that.

“And he’s so funny, he just makes us laugh all the time.”

When Lindy and Adam met, she had separated from ex-husband Michael Klim, who whom she shares three children; Stella, 11, Rocco, nine and Frankie, six.

“He kind of already knew the kids, because Bali is quite small and we have the same mutual friends so they’d already seen him around and played in the pool with him,” the 40-year-old adds.

The love boat..... #croatia
The love boat..... #croatia

“When we started dating he was hanging out more at the house. We spoke to Stella first and she said ‘Yeah absolutely, he’s cool Mum, I love his tattoos!'”

Lindy says Adam has a very open relationship with her kids.

“Stella probably talks to him about her life more than me. Maybe a little bit too much information but he runs with it anyway!”

Friends of Lindy and Adam have been jetting in to join them for their upcoming nuptials with Lindy posting cosy lunches and afternoon strolls on her Instagram story.



She also shared a sneak peek of her wedding venue with the caption ‘Tuscany pre wedding vibes,’ as she cuddles baby Goldi, her daughter with fiancé Adam, and older girls Frankie and Stella, with the whole family looking very loved-up and excited.

 The model and entrepreneur has shared in the past that she will adopt Adam’s name when they tie the knot.  

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