Lily Allen: ‘I will never recover from the trauma’

Singer shares her heartbreak over son’s tragic stillbirth

Content Editor / September 21 2018

Lily Allen has given a frank interview on BBC Radio’s Woman’s Hour where she talked about losing her baby son, George.

The 33-year-old has released a tell-all autobiography My Thoughts Exactly, and says she will ‘never recover from the trauma’ of losing him.

Listeners praised Lily for her honesty with many taking to Twitter to say the interview brought them to tears.

Issa holiday snap 🌴
Issa holiday snap 🌴

'I went into early labour and they put a stitch in my cervix to stop it developing that lasted a week, I went into full labour and the baby was really small,' Lily shared in the interview.

'As I was delivering him, the doctors said there was a pulse but then there wasn’t, the cord was wrapped around his neck… He was just too small.'

Her delivery was fraught with complications, with her baby boy getting trapped during the birth.


'He was so small that he actually got stuck halfway in and halfway out, so to speak, during the delivery and because his skin wasn’t fully formed they couldn’t use forceps to pull him out.

'So there was a period of about 12 hours of him lying there deceased in between my legs. Which was incredibly traumatic.'

Lily went on to have two daughters, Ethel, six and Marnie, five, with builder Sam Cooper, who she is now divorced from.

The singer has not held back from divulging details from her past in the book, including having paid female escorts for sex, and abusing drugs and alcohol. ‘I was very lost and troubled,’ she said.

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