Lego Masters champ Cade double celebration! 'My wife's having a baby'

The winning Lego fan is loving life right now!

May 15 2019

It's one happy time for Lego Master winner Cade, who is set to become a dad for the second time.

“My wife is pregnant at the moment with our second son so she’s just resigned herself to the fact the house will always be full of LEGO,” Cade confirmed to New Idea.

Last night, we watched the pair win the entire series of Lego Masters with an amazing Greek-inspired creation that impressed judges and the public alike with its creativity and technical skill. 


These amazing creations are what happens when imaginations run wild! 😮 #LEGOMastersAU
These amazing creations are what happens when imaginations run wild! 😮 #LEGOMastersAU


His LEGO Masters partner, Henry, is also a father of three kids but the two could not be more different in their approach to life. 

The pair did not know each other before going on the show and Henry describes the moment they met as a “little nerve racking”.

“You don’t know how reality TV will convey the relationship, but the minute I met Cade, we hit it off straight away. But we are polar opposites in personality. I’m quite social and an outgoing extrovert and Cade is a vegan introvert that doesn’t drink!” laughs Henry.

“It was like an awkward first date, but we just hit it off and we just made it work,” adds Cade.

The pair, who call themselves ‘super competitive’, won the $100,000 prize money, and Cade is hoping he might just score a top job with Lego bosses for his amazing work. 

“We knew we had to come up with a solid game plan,” Henry explains.

“It’s all about winning. We always distribute our tasks really well so we’re always ahead of the pack.”