Lachy's beautiful message to Emma

It's just beautiful!

September 22 2018

Despite their recent marriage troubles, Wiggle stars Emma and Lachy appear to still have a lot of love and respect for one another.

Taking to Instagram, Lachy shared a lovely pic of Emma, wishing her a happy birthday.

“Happy Birthday Emmashka” the 32-year-old wrote, adding yellow hearts around her name.

💛Happy Birthday Emmashka 💛
💛Happy Birthday Emmashka 💛

Lachy’s followers were quick to respond, with some sharing their desire to see the couple back together again.

‘Your love for each other seems so legitimate I could almost cry,’ wrote one.

‘So perfect together’, wrote another.

Emma acknowledged his message in her Instagram stories, re-posting his message and adding ‘Thank you Lachy!’ and adding purple hearts.


Sound check kind of morning 🌞 @thewiggles
Sound check kind of morning 🌞 @thewiggles

Emma opened up about their recent split and her health issues on an episode of Australian Story earlier this week.

'I started to feel like the wheels were falling off,' she says. 'And I couldn't figure out if it was just my health or if it was my relationships.

'It's not easy spending that much time together with the pressure of work, too. I think it has gone through ups and downs.'

The couple say they remain friends and will still be a part of The Wiggles together.