Update: Kmart toddler ASSAULT claim - Mum reveals DISTRESSING NEW details

Just shocking.

July 26 2019

A woman who rushed to the aid of a distraught mum after her son was allegedly attacked by a stranger at Kmart has revealed distressing new details.

Sam Noyer, a mother herself, said she had a clear view when an elderly lady allegedly hit a shopper's two-year-old son with her trolley at a Kmart in Albany, New Zealand on Thursday afternoon.

"It all felt like it was in slow motion but fast at the same time," Noyer told 7NEWS.com.au.

The 27-year-old said she could hear the toddler "having a meltdown" before the altercation unfolded in front of her.



She says the mother, named Rebecca, was trying to put her shopping through a checkout as quickly as she could while her three children hung off her.

The woman accused of hitting the child then rammed the boy with her trolley, Noyer says, at which point the boy's mother confronted her.

"I think everyone that witnessed was in pure utter shock that a lady would be so horrible to a mother, let alone anyone who's trying to do their best with the situation that was unfolding.

"A few other bystanders started saying to her 'what a horrible lady you are, who do you think you are'."

The woman with the trolley moved on, leaving a visibly distraught mother behind, Noyer says.

"I've never been so mad and angry, still am today. How can anyone be so nasty let alone hurt a little boy?

"I'm 27 with a six-year-old and I've never seen anything like this unfold, ever.

"I was so, so, so shocked and I believe everyone else may have been just as much."


Rebecca, recounting the story on social media hours later, said only one woman came from the crowd and hugged her.

Noyer explained to 7NEWS.com.au "I just knew I needed to give her a hug."

"I felt terrible for her and she was doing an absolutely amazing job."

Rebecca raised the incident with staff at the Kmart, who escalated it to police.

New Zealand Police have confirmed they're investigating the incident after taking a statement from Rebecca.

This story originally appeared on 7news.com.au

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