Kmart stroller advert is dividing Mums – can you see why?!


Content Editor / May 01 2019

Toddlers love pushing toy strollers and Kmart’s popular Anko Twin Stroller is not only super-cute, it’s a snip at $45.

However, that’s not the reason why mums went crazy over the product on social media. It’s the fact that the box containing the pram features a little boy.

On the popular Kmart Mums Facebook page, one mum posted a photo of the stroller with the caption: “Shout-out to Kmart! Boys like baby’s [sic] too.”

The post has received over 350 comments and has been liked more than 4,500 times.



“I bought my son a pram when he was 2. It was what he wanted. He loved it,” wrote one mum.

“Yes boys love girls stuff girls love boys stuff and has been like this for many generations,” added another.

“My little boy got his baby for his first birthday yesterday and has been cuddling it non stop... (n)ow I need to get him a pram,” wrote a third.

However, not all parents are fans of boys with prams, it seems.

“I want one for my little man but my partner pressures me into thinking they're for girls only,” wrote one mum, adding a sad emoji face.

“All this non gender specific nonsense is ridiculous and the only confusion for these kids is really coming from adults caught up in political bs!” wrote another.

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