KFC launches 'The Triple Stacker' burger on its secret menu


July 09 2019

Put your nuggs away, there's a new KFC secret menu burger in town.

KFC has launched The Triple Stacker, which is being touted as their 'biggest burger ever'.

The monster burger is made with three Zinger fillets, layers of bacon and cheese and a chilli relish sauce.

Kristi Woolwych, KFC Australia CMO told 7NEWS.com.au that this menu item was all about trying to impress lovers of KFC with something that stands out in the crowd.

"We’re excited to continue giving fans new and innovative secret menu items and we really wanted to blow them away with an item like no other," Woolwych said.

"The Triple Stacker is as big and bold as it sounds. We know how much Aussies love a Zinger Burger, so it made sense we created something extraordinary for our diehard KFC fans.”

KFC's secret menu was launched in March and joins other limited-edition menu items such as the Nug-a-Lot burger and Kentucky Slider.

How to access the KFC secret menu
To gain access to these limited-edition items you need to first download the KFC app and find the secret menu.

  1. Open the app
  2. Tap the 'Order Now' button
  3. Select your local KFC
  4. Tap on the 'Order' bucket next to your KFC of choice
  5. You'll now be in the main food menu, however, you need to drag down from the top of the screen to the bottom until you see the Colonel. Once you see him, hold down for around 11 seconds until you see the secret menu pop-up
  6. Tap into the secret menu and order away!

This story originally appeared on 7News.com.au

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