Kate Middleton reveals the one parenting task she CANNOT do

Hurrah! She’s human like the rest of us

Content Editor / June 13 2019

She’s a mum of three, keen athlete and is always smiling and friendly, not to mention impeccably groomed.

But supermum and future Queen of England Kate Middleton has admitted there’s a parenting skill she hasn’t quite mastered – doing her daughter Charlotte’s hair. Watch below:

Kate and Prince William were on a joint royal engagement in Cumbria's Lake District this week, and during a walkabout, Kate admitted that she is not the best at styling Charlotte's hair while chatting to a little girl and her family.

“I love your plaits!” the Duchess told the little girl offering her flowers, pointing out her two French braids.

“I tried to do a plait on Charlotte this morning, and it didn't really work very well,” she joked.

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The Duchess also got talking to fellow mum Helen Jones about Charlotte starting school soon.

“She said Charlotte was looking forward to school. She was very friendly,” Helen told reporters.

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Despite their royal status, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are notoriously down-to-earth and have talked openly about the importance of mental health and the struggles of parenthood.

Prince William has also confessed to his own parenting shortcoming, telling people at another royal engagement that he is hopeless at doing craft with his kids!

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