Is Karl Stefanovic REALLY having a Bunnings sausage sizzle at his fancy wedding?!

He whhhaattttt?

December 06 2018

When it comes to Karl Stefanovic’s wedding to girlfriend Jasmine Yarbrough this weekend, it seems no expense has been spared - except for when it comes to the menu!

Yes, the Today host has blown the budget at the five-star three-day nuptials, saying ‘I do’ at one of the most expensive resorts in Mexico - where rooms cost around $15,000 a night. More than 60 celebrities, friends and family are flying in for the million-dollar affair - with Karl paying for many to have holidays in LA before the big event.





But there’s been one important part of the wedding which Karl has most definitely cut costs for - dinner!

In a bizarre report, sources close to the host have revealed that Karl is insisting on having a ‘Bunnings style sausage sizzle’ towards the end of the wedding reception - complete with a tent, open barbie and array of sauces. 





‘Karl really loves to barbecue and thought it would be really fun to bring a little piece of Australia to Mexico for the wedding,’ the insider said. ‘He wanted to recreate a Bunnings sausage sizzle at the reception - for people to snack on when they’ve had one too many champagnes.

‘Karl even wants it to look like a proper Bunnings sausage sizzle with the big tent and all the sauces on offer. He reckons it’s going to be great!’

Well, we’ve heard of stranger things! After all, Karl believe it or not released a BBQ cookbook back in 2014 - calling it ‘Karl Cooks: BBQ And Weekend Food’. 

But of course the big question is - will the onions be serve on top of the sausage or underneath?!

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