Jennifer Garner gets up at 5am to make cookies in a panic - and EVERY mum cheers!

But we don't look this good at 5am...

December 13 2018

She might be a celebrity mum, but God, we love Jennifer Garner! 

Her Instagram is full of photos of her doing the kind of thing every mum does, and that includes school pickup with rollers in her hair but now, with the end of term fast approaching, she has done something that we can ALL relate to.

The mum-of-three woke up at 5.30am to make cookies because they needed to be done before school.



And while we've never grated butter, to make it softer ("Alright, it's not softened, but it's softened-like," Jen mentions in her video) we have all had that rogue cupboard door that continually slams and threatens to wake up the whole house. 

And while we don't look as good as she does at 5.30am (who is actually videoing all this?), the result looks great and Jen wins the wards of most relatable celebrity mum 2018. 


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