Jennifer Aniston's secret to getting great skin like this costs just $3.20!

It's worth a go when you're a sleep-deprived, tired-looking mum!

August 13 2018

She's 50 next year, so when Jennifer Aniston says that her glowing skin is all down to one cleansing product, we take notice. 

The former Friends stars says she's been using the same facial cleanser for the last 30 years.

“I’ve been using it since high school. I wake up and wash my face with Neutrogena face soap. I use a serum and then a Dr. Hauschka day cream – that’s it!” said Jen.

Neutrogena’s face soap currently retails at $3.20! So if we start using it we will wake up with sun-kissed, dewy skin and a Hollywood glow, right? Yep, we can dream but surely it's worth a try!

You can buy the soap here!