I don't have sex with my husband - but I don't care!

This mum-of-three believes a good night's sleep is better than a wild night between the sheets

July 16 2018

Confession: I haven’t had sex with my husband for eight months and that’s absolutely fine by me. I know my 24-year-old self would be weeping into her Bacardi Breezer at my shocking words right now, but I don’t care - it’s the truth. 

Why? Well it has nothing to do with my gorgeous, lovely husband - and everything to do with being so damn tired thanks to life as a working mum-of-three. Yep, after waking up at 4.30am with the kids, making three school lunches, finding school shoes, wrestling them into school uniforms, signing home readers and putting them in the right backpack, fighting the traffic to school, hustling them into class, arriving at work late - always late - and working all day before dropping into Aldi on the way home to buy dinner, making dinner, negotiating with the kids for them to eat 40% of their dinner, getting them showered, doing homework, getting them to sleep (a two-hour process) and then eating the kids leftovers for dinner before falling asleep on the couch 14 minutes into some bad reality TV show and trudging off to bed at 11pm, it seems the last thing I ever feel like doing is getting the moves on with hubby. 

I know people will say, ‘Oh your husband will stray if you don’t keep him happy’, but I don’t even care about that! I’m tired! I need sleep! And the truth is, I’m pretty sure he feels the same way - between work, the kids, his surfing obsession and wanting to watch 23089203 games of AFL a week, I’m pretty sure he’s happy to give sex a miss as well!

Does this make us boring? Or a regular modern-day couple who are too damn tired thanks to their kids? Not sure... But one thing’s for sure, my libido is closed for business - and that’s absolutely fine by me!

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