How to score a FREE roast chicken from COLES


Writer / May 22 2019

Picking up a roast chook from your local supermarket is great when you’re short on time and need to feed hungry tummies, however it can be annoying when you get there to find they’ve sold out!

Now Coles are offering vouchers to customers who miss out on a roast chicken, which entitles them to a FREE chook next time they shop.



The Coles Hot Roast Chicken voucher is part of the 'Coles Hot Roast Chicken Promise' that was relaunched in March.

The voucher can be used for up to seven days after the date of issue, so you have plenty of time to score another one if you miss out.



“We know customers love to get their hands on our delicious hot roast chickens, so for customers who aren't able to purchase one at the time they want within the period specified instore, we can provide them with a voucher for a free hot roast chicken,” a spokesperson for Coles said.

Coles 'chicken promise' is available at the hot counter right across Australia.

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