How To Have Happier Bedtimes

A midwife shows how to increase quality sleep time for everyone

August 16 2016

Babies of varying ages will require different amounts of sleep for proper growth and development, however babies can be very unique in the pattern at which they get the sleep. Midwife Jodie Warburton explains some tips on how you can make bed time easier for you and your bub, and increase the amount of quality sleep time for everyone.


Tip 1: Bedtime routine 

Getting your baby into a bedtime routine is one of the best ways to encourage your baby to sleep during the night and less during the day. Each baby is different however, so it may take quite a while for you to find something that works with you and your loved one.  An example would be:  bath, massage, feed, cuddles and then into bed. Over time, your baby will become familiar with this routine.


Tip 2: Bath time

The close physical contact between parent and child during bath time can be used to encourage sleep. This is especially good as you are able to clean off the messiness of the day, change him into a fresh nappy and sleep clothes. A good tip to try would be to spend some time massaging and moisturising your child and speaking to him, as all newborns find their parent’s voices soothing. 


Tip 3: Restful activities

This tip follows along from the previous one; parents can try singing lullabies or reading to their child at bedtime. Calm activities such as reading to your baby may help relax him while knowing his parent is nearby, especially if your child tends to fall asleep only in your arms. Keeping the lights dimmed during the evening can also signal to your child it is time to relax and calm down for the day.


Tip 4: Environment

Ensure your baby’s sleeping environment is one that promotes sleep.  Using some white noise, getting black out blinds for their bedroom, making sure the room is not too hot or cold and getting him familiar with being in his cot as soon as possible will all contribute to a happier sleeper.