How to Deal With Nappy Rash

Happy bottom, happy baby

August 02 2016

If it is really nappy rash, it will be red, inflamed, made up of splotches or blotches and sit on the surface of the skin, not in the folds. If not treated, it can develop into blistered, dry, cracked or broken skin.


How to Prevent Nappy Rash


•    Let baby have nappy-free time – nudie runs are good for their skin!

•    If nappy rash starts appearing, stop using plastic covers as they keep the wee/poo close to skin

•    Pat dry rather than rub dry, so you don’t irritate the skin

•    Wash with warm water, not with soap

•    Add more padding at night to soak up baby’s waste

•    Use a nappy rash or barrier cream as this will protect baby’s skin from getting (more) irritated


What makes a good baby barrier cream?


Nappy rash creams are usually divided into two groups: pre and post appearance of the nappy rash.


1.   Barrier creams work better to prevent nappy rash, and

2.   Treatment creams, used once nappy rash has appeared


Sia Hendry is a mum of two. She also is the owner and founder of Baby By Sia and You By Sia.