How to cut your weekly shopping list IN HALF - Aussie mum reveals her one simple trick

The master list is the way to go!

May 13 2019

A desperate mum has revealed how she has halved her shopping bill each week by making a 'master shopping list'.

The Aussie woman said she had 'gone from spending $200 plus per week to no more than $350 per fortnight' since adopting the simple list. 

She said she only buys what's on the list and the MUST be 'ton special or reduced to clear for example' and makes sure she sticks to her pre-set budget. 



How does the master list system work?

The woman has made a note of the items that she finds to be better value in Aldi and Coles - she doesn't use Woolworths because there isn't a store nearby. 

She says fridge products like grated and Parmesan cheese, yoghurt and hummus are cheapest at Aldi, while cream, butter and eggs are better value at Coles.

When it comes to the pantry items the mum has found Aldi has tomato paste, carbonara sauce, chicken stock and rice crackers, but Coles is better value for chickpeas, kidney beans, creamed corn, rice and pasta



'I'm aware the list doesn't include meat and veg yet, and it's a work in progress, first draft,' the woman wrote on Facebook. 

'But I just got sick of doing groceries weekly and starting my lists from scratch and researching again where was better priced.'

She said when she looked at it she 'just found that some things have been consistently cheaper at Aldi, but then others are also consistently cheaper at Coles'.

Followers were quick to praise the mum's idea - and were keen to steal it and use it too.

But they gave her a top tip to help her shop without having to do all the research herself. 

They pointed her in the direction of the Half Price app while others recommended Shop Jam.  Both apps can help you find items you need at the cheapest prices. 

'Check out the apps for shopping lists that are available,' one person posted. 

'You can make your master list and then tailor it as you want. It might save valuable time for you'