How an Australian mum cut her grocery bill to $80 a week

She created a system to make her food budget stretch.

February 23 2017

The only brand name product she will buy is her coffee.  She said, “Yes, brand matters – sometimes. I have a brand of coffee that I will not budge on. I have tried others and I don’t like them and frankly life is just too short to drink lousy coffee and be miserable. I stock up when it’s on sale.”

While other tips include growing your own herbs and as much fruit and veg as you can she has one more tip to help the savings.  A luxury-free month where the family forgoes any treats or takeaway to help the budget.

Cath has started a website The Cheapskate’s Club to help those like minded to save more money while not missing out.

What do you think of her plan?  Are you on a similar one?  

This article originally appeared on Starts At 60